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Ciprofloxacin dose ear drops, 10 or 25. I also did some research before taking them, because I'm a little bit skeptical. But I'm not very scientific... So I ordered 100 drops. At home, on days I didn't have anything Canada 1 pharmacy important going on, I gave them to my husband, at his desk for a couple of days. I never took them at night. I only ever did this once before. Then I gave them to us for Christmas. This time, I gave them to my husband for a week. Now, I'm pretty sure I've taken too many flu pills in the past. I've never had a flu shot before. I know it says on the box that you have to be between ages 18 and 64. So I was a little nervous getting to the pharmacy with my husband and saying "ohhh," in front of everyone. I think it may have something to do with the fact that I didn't give them to him for just a few days. So the next time I got sick and took these, I about a week before felt the flu come on. In meantime, I took a cold shower and used cuddle pillows (for kids with anxiety too.) My husband and sister-in-law made tea in the kitchen while I waited, and we had a pretty warm Thanksgiving. But I didn't really think about the possibility that I may still be taking too many. The next day (Thursday), I got really nervous and d